3D printing watch straps Apple Watch

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Perhaps, all already know about grandioznoq presentation Apple, where the company has officially unveiled the clock Apple Watch – product, which have been saying for the last couple of years. Watches, which contain many of the familiar features introduced yet in the iPhone 6, allows users to make phone calls, to register with the airport […]

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The materialization of surreal fantasies in 3D printing

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The winner in 2014 for the best embodiment of design ideas in the rapidly growing field of 3D printing version 3Dreams got Kharkov designer Evgeny Strukov for a bold modern design surreal. His work attracted by its unique baroque style, skillfully combining with such gloomy horrific elements, like snakes, horns, skulls and gothic black on […]

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Walk around 3D models: Microsoft HoloLens

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Microsoft fans expected in the autumn of 2015, when will the long-awaited Windows 10. Computer giant is likely to release a new operating system along with a very interesting device called HoloLens. This – augmented reality glasses of new generation. After watching the infomercial about HoloLens you can rightly conclude that the project is similar […]

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3D printing bacon: from idea to realization

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In our department of development and innovation entered an unusual order. The owners of famous restaurant Kharkov “Shalennyi vuyko” interested in 3D printing technology in the field of cooking. However, this time we are not talking about the sweets and the well-known 3D printing chocolate or sugar, which has received widespread in Ukraine, and a […]

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The most interesting 3D printers from the exhibition CES 2015

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It is hard to imagine that just a year ago 3D printers have become a routine part of the famous exhibition CES. They came back again this year with a number of start-ups and established firms. Let’s find out how it will look 3D printing in 2015. The main products Notable players 3D printing market, […]

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Of mining equipment for fuel rods for nuclear power! The Swedish company Sandvik investing in 3D printing

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In recent years, more and more companies from various fields interested in 3D printing technology. Now the market has a huge variety of printers for a variety of purposes and it can not but be interested in large corporations, as the propagation velocity of 3D printing in the market ahead of even some of the […]

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Top 10 surprising things that are printed on the 3d printer

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Sometimes it seems that the possibilities are endless printing technology 3d and 3d printers use completely destroys the limits of the possible in art and production. Of course, has yet to decide a considerable number of challenges to the ideal printing process, but now there are many unexpected applications of three-dimensional printing. We offer you […]

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