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 About technology

3D printing is layer by layer creating of a physical object using a 3D printer on the basis of three-dimensional computer model. The technology is widely used in architecture, industry, marketing and art. Create with pleasure;)

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Prices and terms

3D printing cost varies between 0.18-0.35 EUR per each gram of material depending on the required accuracy and type of material. Generally, orders that have weight up to 100 grams are performed in one day.

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You can make the order after downloading the model and finalizing the required advance payment. We accept payment in any payment systems and deliver all over the world with the help of DHL, EMS and company.

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Recent works

3D printing knife prototype


Folding Knife printed on a 3D printer: 100 UAH. Dates: 1 day.

3D scanning and printing


Industrial prototyping on a 3D printer. Dates: 2 days.

Industrial prototype


3D printing housing prototype. Dates: 4 days. Price: 100 USD.

Prototyping in Ukraine


3D printing technical details. Dates: 2 days Price: 50 USD.

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News of 3D printing


Top 10 things that are printed on a 3D printer

Sometimes it seems that the possibilities are endless printing technology 3d and 3d printers eliminates the use of what is possible in art and production. Of course, has yet to decide a considerable number of challenges to the ideal printing process, but now there are many unexpected applications of three-dimensional printing. We offer you a 10 unusual things that have been successfully fabricated using a three-dimensional prototyping in Ukraine.


3D printing is in the hands of designers Kiev and Kharkov

The best embodiment of design ideas in the rapidly growing field of 3D printing version 3Dreams. Ukraniskie designers from Kiev and Kharkov use 3D printing to create unique things. In the next article we'll discuss the interesting designers from Odessa, soon we posteim Lions and tell about local achievements.

Чистка сопла 3D принтера

The problem of heating and cooling in a 3D printing

So, we continue the series of articles devoted to 3D printing. And this time we will discuss the need for heating and cooling products is printed. Like cleaning plastic, "temperature" problem is one of those that are sure to meet on the way a beginner maker. There are lots of varieties of plastic, they all have different properties, but we will discuss the two most popular - ABS and PLA. Since the temperature of the article, we will not spend time listing all the pros and cons of these plastics, the main thing for us - the temperature characteristics. ABS by these parameters is more "hot" than PLA. Working melting ABS plastic is ~ 210 ° C - 250 ° C, the operating temperatures of PLA somewhat lower - ~ 190 ° C - 220 ° C.