The materialization of surreal fantasies in 3D printing

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The winner in 2014 for the best embodiment of design ideas in the rapidly growing field of 3D printing version 3Dreams got Kharkov designer Evgeny Strukov for a bold modern design surreal.

designer-of-the-year-trophyHis work attracted by its unique baroque style, skillfully combining with such gloomy horrific elements, like snakes, horns, skulls and gothic black on one side and atmospheric reference to the example of childhood eared rabbit mask on the other. All these seemingly incongruous subjects became a breakthrough of the past year excite the imagination and suggest, that the depth of imagination incomprehensible, while the development of 3D printing make the implementation of these adorable figurines 3D printing possible.

Digital artist and sculptor Yevgeny Strukov claims that his work “float along the lines of beauty and absurdity, and effectively use the expertise of the reality that exists outside the range of the ability of science to explain or measure it.”


However, the developers in the field of industrial design not graze the rear, translating into reality their concepts using 3D printing. So the designer from Kiev Maria Timofeeva partnership with Oak & amp; Dust project started printing points using 3D printer. Due to the tremendous experience and intuition sensitive load in promoting the product, as well as an excellent combination of classical forms and modern style points in the design of this project has already begun to attract connoisseurs of modern technologies and occupy a niche in the market.


Ladies, for you also have good news related to the beauty industry, and more specifically with ornaments. Technology development and 3D design, 3D printing made possible the realization of ambitious projects in the field of Canadian designer jewelry Negara Yazbi (Negar Jazbi), which are the main passion puzzles and patterns. Difficult but successful union of art and mathematics with the projection on the accuracy and detail of 3D printing technology has led to the creation of a unique collection of contemporary women’s rings. One of the reasons for the success and relevance of this direction is to achieve elegance combined with an accuracy of work, which has become a reality precisely because of the development of 3D printing.



All creative inspiration, my friends!

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