Video 3D printer

The technology allows the creation of 3D printing objects of any of a wide variety of forms different material properties. Products can be small and large, with sharp corners or rounded elements, heat-resistant and transparent, flexible and rigid. Obesity printing ranges from 0.1 mm.
Print requires a three-dimensional model created in a special editor, which is then loaded into the 3D printer builds layers of the desired material.

There are very few restrictions:

1. Dimensions of one piece can not exceed 35 x 20 x 15 cm. In other cases use software products division into parts, then the parts are glued together. Due to the high accuracy of the equipment and the use of special adhesives bonding place unnoticed (especially after painting) and virtually no effect on strength.
2. The product can be printed with one or two materials of different types or colors simultaneously, but no more. For full color products require painting, which is charged separately.
3. In most cases plastics are prone to aging from UV rays, because for the use of the products under the sun we recommend painting or varnishing.
4. Materials liquefy at 180 degrees Celsius operating temperatures do not exceed 150 degrees Celsius.
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Maybe you’ve heard of 3D printing technology, but you do not know exactly how it works? That’S Perfect. Then I introduce you to the fascinating world of 3D technologies.
3D printer – this is the easiest, fastest and most affordable tool for creating professional quality models.
Compact 3D printer can be useful for designers, architects or engineers, because it fits on your desktop and will create a small but high-quality models.

The process of 3D printing

3D printing process begins with modeling. This model can be created using a special program, or you can download countless ready-made models from our site.
To download available architectural models, models of jewelry and decoration items, computer characters, and even the details of the 3D printer. And the best – they are all free!
The next stage – import model in a special program created by the printer manufacturer that provides training model for printing. This program allows you to change the scale of your model, rotate, move and stretch the individual elements. When everything is ready, start the printing process, followed by a conversion of the digital model into a physical. Material that is used for printing – an environmentally friendly plastic.
When you press the start button, the feeding of material heated to a high temperature nozzle with a very small hole. Printing starts with the base model, layer by layer, gradually lowering the platform with the model down. This process takes time, because layer can reach only a few hundred microns. When the work is finished, you get high-quality, professional model, which requires no elaboration.
Now you know how the 3D printing technology and it is time to know your personal opinion about the technology. If you’re an engineer, designer or someone who loves new technology 3Dprinter help bring your ideas to life, is not it?