Paint products

Artists perform painting and varnishing derived products of high quality paint products in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Available materials for various purposes, from indoor environments, to use on the street and aggressive environments. Quality coverage not only decorate the product, but also protects the plastic from the environment, in particular from UV rays, thereby increasing the life of the print on a 3D printer model.

The cost of painting depends on the surface area of ​​product, technology and artistic paint job complexity. Of course, the more details you need to put on the product and the more complex set of shades tems above the cost of coloring products.

Wide range of colors, including metallics and special effects. Tinting is possible on the model of the customer. If necessary, provide expert quantitative assessment of coating hardness and adhesion to plastic. Our coatings are successfully used for body paint domestic and industrial appliances, Electrical, advertising and decorative panels of various plastics.
In addition to plastics, our coating can be used for painting the additional components of steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and other metals.